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All Articles for Topic: Integrated Optics
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1973 (Volume 4, No. 3)Integrated Optics: Communicating with LightOptical Systems promise a new dimension of information exchange. A Vision of a Parallel World. Comparing optical and radio systems. Further Reading. William CorlissPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 5)Integrated Optics: Forging Handles for PhotonsEngineering researchers wrestle with fundamental problems in the development of integrated circuits and devices for communications and other light-based technologies.Author UnknownPDF
1982 (Volume 13, No. 4)Integrated Optics: Integrated Optics: A Communications RevolutionIntegrated optical devices will do much that integrated electronic circuits now do. The problem of the optical switching transistor may set the limit. Optical switching transistors.Mort LaBrecquePDF


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