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All Articles for Topic: Ecology and Environment
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1971 (Volume 2, No. 3)Ecology and Environment: The Grassroots of Ecological TheoryAmbitious students of natural ecosystems may mark the maturing of ecology as science. Author UnknownPDF
1972 (Volume 3, No. 3)Ecology and Environment: An Old Friend Under InvestigationJust how serious is lead pollutionBruce AbellPDF
1972 (Volume 3, No. 4)Ecology and Environment: Learning to Make (Eco)logical DecisionsRemember that everything is connected to everything else, at the Seminar On Environmental Arts and Sciences Bruce AbellPDF
1973 (Volume 4, No. 1)Ecology and Environment: Shifting the Strategy in Pest ControlLess spraying, more preyingBruce AbellPDF
1973 (Volume 4, No. 3)Ecology and Environment: Managing Coastal LowlandsHow to foresee the economic, social, and aesthetic costs. Further Reading. Author UnknownPDF


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