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All Articles by Charles Petit
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1983 (Volume 14, No. 6)Solar/stellar: The Solar/Stellar ConnectionA synthesis of solar and stellar astronomy confirms the kinship of the sun and other stars. Something old, something new.Charles PetitPDF
1984 (Volume 15, No. 6)Archean Tectonics: Tectonics in the Archean EarthWhat kind of a world would have no plate tectonics? Could the earth ever have been such a world?Charles PetitPDF
1989 (Volume 20, No. 2)Scanning Tunneling Microscopy: Beyond the Cutting EdgeThe latest in the family of technologies for micron and submicron microscopy is rapidly moving beyond the examination of material surfaces to their manipulation. Applications are tumbling out of the labs. Scanning probe microscopesCharles PetitPDF
1990 (Volume 21, No. 2)Supernova 1987a: The Deciphering of a CataclysmOut of the remnants of the most dramatic stellar event of modern times, astronomers and astrophysicists are constructing a new view of the way stars live and die. The pulsar question. Light echoes.Charles PetitPDF
1990 (Volume 21, No. 4)Supercold: Vanishingly Close to Absolute ZeroThe record low temperature to date is a fraction of a microkelvin. Far more than records are involved, however, where superfluid experiments and applications are concerned. Physics's cold roots.Charles PetitPDF
1991 (Volume 22, No. 3)Chloroplast Genome: An Essential Intruder (II)Chloroplasts, as critical to plant cells as mitochondria are to animal, but for an array different reasons, are attracting as much scientific attention. The goal is engineered application as well as understanding. The genome architecture.Charles PetitPDF


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