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All Articles by Derral Mulholland
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1982 (Volume 13, No. 5)Geomagnetic Reversals: When North Becomes SouthIt is well established that the earth's magnetic field has reversed itself many times. The mechanisms within the earth that trigger the reversals remain a mystery. From lodestone to dynamo.Derral MulhollandPDF
1984 (Volume 15, No. 5)Femtosecond Pulses: Quick as a ...In their need to examine things that happen in smaller and smaller segments of time, researchers press the limit of what is illuminable. Pump and probe.Derral MulhollandPDF
1984 (Volume 15, No. 6)Supermassive Stars: Bigger Than Stars Can BeTheory says there are sizes to which stars cannot grow. Observers are sometimes prone to say: Maybe!Derral MulhollandPDF
1985 (Volume 16, No. 2)Interplanetary Dust: Zodiacal DustThe dust that permeates the solar system contains considerably more information than it has yielded--so far.Derral MulhollandPDF
1989 (Volume 20, No. 1)Astrometry: Mapping the SkyBorn of the search for parallax, which had to exist if the earth revolved around the sun, modern astrometry is an ancient science in the ascendant. Astrophysics is high among the sciences dependent on it. Inter-astral distances. The Carte de Ciel. Optical interferometry.Derral MulhollandPDF


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