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All Articles by Sam Iker
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1977 (Volume 8, No. 6)Mexico -- International Cooperation In Research Special: Links That Connect a HemisphereA desert harvest of rubber and a hard-wrought base of mutuality draw attention from both north and south to Mexico-U.S. research cooperation.Sam IkerPDF
1979 (Volume 10, No. 3)Science Education: The State of Pre-College Science EducationTwo decades after Sputnik, a look at elementary and high school science instruction reveals many gaps still to be filled.Sam IkerPDF
1980 (Volume 11, No. 1)Innovative Diffusion: Learning How Innovation SpreadsStudies of the diffusion of new ideas, by many disciplines, are important to both technological and agricultural societies.Sam IkerPDF
1980 (Volume 11, No. 3)Women And Math: A Math Answer for WomenHigh school mathematics won't open career doors. But its lack will certainly close them. Girls are making the switch -- and women are helping. New women-in-math studiesSam IkerPDF
1980 (Volume 11, No. 6)Aquaculture: Fish Farms, Fish Ranches, Fish FactoriesAquaculture, a growing business in the United States, has the research needs of any embryo industry. Tapping wastewater. Abalone, oysters, tilapia.Sam IkerPDF
1981 (Volume 12, No. 6)Earthquake Engineering: Earthquake Engineers Let it SlideArchitects are separating buildings from their foundations with systems that uncouple structures from the trembling earth.Sam IkerPDF
1982 (Volume 13, No. 1)Nitrous Oxide: The Problem of Nitrous OxideThe increase of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere threatens the earth's protective ozone layer. The challenge is to find where it arises and how it can be controlled.Sam IkerPDF
1982 (Volume 13, No. 4)Agriculture's Origins: The Seeds of AgricultureEvidence found at desert sites in Egypt suggests that rudimentary agriculture began there some 18,000 years ago. Some archeologists remain skeptical.Sam IkerPDF
1982 (Volume 13, No. 5)Island Biogeography: Islands of Life In a Forest SeaDeep in the Amazon rain forest, biogeographers are testing a theory of species survival at a time when species survival is becoming a grave problem worldwide.Sam IkerPDF
1983 (Volume 14, No. 4)Long-term Research: A Lifetime of ListeningTo understand the process of ecological change, ecologists attune themselves to long-term rhythms.Sam IkerPDF
1983 (Volume 14, No. 6)Educational Tv: Science, Children, and TelevisionThe research that helped shape the successful series `3-2-1 Contact` suggests ways to make science familiar.Sam IkerPDF


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