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All Articles by William Metz
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1982 (Volume 13, No. 5)Superluminal Motion: The Coming and Going StarThe bizarre behavior of ss433, an exotic star in the constellation Aquila, tantalizes astrophysicists. A common interpretation of the star's odd activity, related to that of some quasars, is emerging. Early theories. What's in a name.William MetzPDF
1983 (Volume 14, No. 3)Binary Stars: The Universe, Two by TwoThat most stars come in pairs is critical to the understanding of stellar phenomena. How binaries form.William MetzPDF
1983 (Volume 14, No. 5)Electroweak Theory -- Measurement Special: Validating a Unified TheoryAtomic and high energy physicists each make unique contributions to the proof of the electroweak force.William MetzPDF


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