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All Articles by Susan Wintsch
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1989 (Volume 20, No. 4)Computer Networking: Toward a National Research and Education NetworkBefore a National Research and Education Network permits researchers to collaborate across the continent as easily as they now can across a laboratory, a troublesome array of problems will have to be solved. Exploitation of optical bandwidths, switching at unprecedented speeds, and a tangle of software problem top the list. Target dates and timetables for meeting those challenges are being set today. Bandwidth calculations. Following protocol. Televisualization: a special challenge. People, machines, and information. Susan WintschPDF
1990 (Volume 21, No. 3)Cetacean Intelligence: You'd Think You Were ThinkingThe intriguing questions surrounding the intelligence of bottlenose dolphins challenges the ingenuity of the researchers as well as of the researches. Echolocation, cognition, application. The ethical questions.Susan WintschPDF
1991 (Volume 22, No. 2)Solar Neutrinos: More Answers Than QuestionsPhysicists are reasoning at and beyond the limits of accepted models and theories in efforts to explain chirality, anticorrespondence with the sunspot cycle, and other apparent bizarre characteristics of spectral particles now known to emanate from the sun. Interactions and detectors.Susan WintschPDF


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