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All Articles by David Leff
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1976 (Volume 7, No. 2)Learning Of Knowing -- Brain Research Special: In Search of the EngramThe trail of learning and memory leads from the single neuron to processes that diffuse through the whole brain.David LeffPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 6)Taiwan/Japan -- International Cooperation In Research Special: Bridging the `Rim of Fire`Seismologists and earthquake engineers on both sides of the Pacific share practical and theoretical problems and goals. Japan: What makes the catfish quive? Taiwan: Seismic networks and engineering skills. Japan: Designing against disaster.David LeffPDF
1978 (Volume 9, No. 4)Chemical Oscillations: The Strange World of Chemical OscillationsOn many fronts where nature brings order out of chaos, chemistry's rare, exotic, oscillating reactions may, in fact, be the order of the day. Recipe for Oscillation.David LeffPDF
1979 (Volume 10, No. 2)Environment -- Human Origins Special: Biology, Behavior and Environment in Human EvolutionContributions from a score of disciplines are replacing guesswork in the description of the environments that accompanied the stages of humankind. The evolution of evolution.David LeffPDF
1979 (Volume 10, No. 6)Coevolution -- Unifying Themes Special Ii: Feedback Produces a Theory of EcologyThe intricate involvement of living things with each other's evolution produces coevolution and some notions Darwin had an inkling of. Evolution: a glossary.David LeffPDF
1980 (Volume 11, No. 3)Fluid Biomechanics: Engineering Mirrors Life (and vice versa)The burgeoning discipline of biofluidmechanics is teaching `wet` and `dry` sciences a good deal about each other--to the advantage of each. A number named `Reynolds`.David LeffPDF
1981 (Volume 12, No. 1)Recombinant Dna -- Molecular Biology Special: Recombinant DNA: the Power of the ToolMolecular biologists' established ability to manipulate genetic material through recombination settles down to the long, useful, and perhaps profitable trail to applications.David LeffPDF
1981 (Volume 12, No. 4)Fertilization -- Cell Biology Special: The Way of a Sperm with an EggSperm and egg lead each other a merry dance of many steps as fertilization takes place. From fertility symbol to fertilization. Incest prevented at pistil point. The mystery of cell movementDavid LeffPDF
1992 (Volume 23, No. 2)Zebrafish: A Virus With a BackboneZebrafish join the club of animal models for human embryo development. Fishing for alleged perpetrators of inborn diseaseDavid LeffPDF


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