An on-line archive of articles published in The National Science Foundationís flagship magazine from 1970 to 1992.
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All Articles by Thomas A. Dooling
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1970 (Volume 1, No. 2)Astronomy: A Night on Kitt PeakThomas A. DoolingPDF
1971 (Volume 2, No. 1)Ecology and Ecosystems: The Sprawl of the WildHow will we promote harmony between man and nature? Research groups in California and Montana are trying to find ways. Bruce Abell; Thomas A. DoolingPDF
1971 (Volume 2, No. 1)Science Education: The Fourth R is ScienceIncreasingly, schools are stressing reason over rote as they prepare children to meet the uncertain future. Four examples of courses to make them scientifically literate. Bruce Abell; Thomas A. DoolingPDF
1971 (Volume 2, No. 1)Atmospheric Sciences: Hurricanes, Aeroplanes, Climate and SmogA wide-ranging interview with Walter Orr Roberts, President Of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. Bruce Abell; Thomas A. DoolingPDF
1971 (Volume 2, No. 2)Chemical Engineering: Chemical Engineering, Nature's WayHeat and pressure are often the chemistís most necessary ingredients. Wasted materials and wasted energy are his most prolific products. Natureís way, using enzymes, may change this. Thomas A. DoolingPDF
1972 (Volume 3, No. 1)Urban Modeling: Scientists, Unions, GarbageA State University of New York group embarks on a program to make public services more efficient. Thomas A. DoolingPDF


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