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All Articles for Magazine issue 1979 (Volume 10, No. 4)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1979 (Volume 10, No. 4)Acid Precipitation: Acid from the SkyAcid precipitation knows no national boundaries. The scope of the problem is becoming better known than is what can be done about it. How acid is acid rain? Research efforts.Henry LansfordPDF
1979 (Volume 10, No. 4)Geotechnical Engineering: What's Fail-Safe for a Dam?Geotechnical engineers seek--and find--ways to test massive structures to failure without waiting for them to fail. Centrifuge scaling.William CromiePDF
1979 (Volume 10, No. 4)Polymer Alloys: The Effort to `Alloy` PlasticsPolymer chemists confront practical and theoretical barriers in the effort to blend plastics on the molecular level.Peter GwynnePDF
1979 (Volume 10, No. 4)Science Museums: Museums to Teach ByScience museums and museum science centers gear up to fill a void in science education. Sky Challenger pull-out section.Daniel RapoportPDF
1979 (Volume 10, No. 4)Soil Liquefaction: When Soils Start to FlowThe liquefaction of soils, recently recognized as an earthquake phenomenon, turns out to be a hazard well worth reckoning with.Kendrick FrazierPDF


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