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All Articles for Magazine issue 1972 (Volume 3, No. 2)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1972 (Volume 3, No. 2)Geophysics: A Perfect Case of SerendipityPaleomagnetism continues its surprising impact on the Study of the Earth. Bruce AbellPDF
1972 (Volume 3, No. 2)Research Notes: NotesThe mini-fly; A big boost for radio astronomy; Live and let liveAuthor UnknownPDF
1972 (Volume 3, No. 2)Science Policy: We're the agency to guard the basic research end of the spectrumObservations by H. Guyford Stever, new Director of the National Science Foundation H. Guyford SteverPDF
1972 (Volume 3, No. 2)The Scientific Community: A Gallery of Some MembersArchie Carr; Allen Gardner, Beatrice Gardner, Carleen HutchinsAuthor UnknownPDF
1972 (Volume 3, No. 2)Econometrics: Looking Before You LeapIn economic planning, whatís obvious is not always best. Large econometric models assess the effects of alternate policies. Bruce AbellPDF


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