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All Articles for Magazine issue 1970 (Volume 1, No. 4)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1970 (Volume 1, No. 4)Science Policy: The University and Environmental ResearchHarold BrownPDF
1970 (Volume 1, No. 4)Ocean Sciences: An interview with William NierenbergAn interview with physicist-turned-oceanographer William Nierenberg, Director of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Jack KratchmanPDF
1970 (Volume 1, No. 4)Ocean Ecosystems: The Wet DesertOceanic oases depend on more than just waterMalvern GilmartinPDF
1970 (Volume 1, No. 4)Liquid Crystals: An International Research Center at Kent, OhioBruce AbellPDF
1970 (Volume 1, No. 4)Science Policy: Heading for a Steady State WorldCan man make the transition?Glenn SeaborgPDF
1970 (Volume 1, No. 4)The Scientific Community: A Gallery of Some MembersAnne Cahn; Langon Crane; Henry Morss, Jr.; William OrrisAuthor UnknownPDF
1970 (Volume 1, No. 4)Research Activities: NotesConsolidation of Antarctic activities; Law in perspective; The effects of light; Ecology of the Forests; The fallen idyll— A new look at man and his cities; Meandering stream beds; The Shrinking Mediterranean; New light on a growing field—photosynthesis Author UnknownPDF
1970 (Volume 1, No. 4)NSF News: NewsDeputy Director (Raymond L. Bisplinghoff) appointed. Reorientation of support for computing activities; National Sea Grant Program transferred; Recent NSF appointments and Reassignments. Author UnknownPDF


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