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All Articles for Magazine issue 1982 (Volume 13, No. 2)
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1982 (Volume 13, No. 2)Anthropic Cosmology: Redefining the CosmosAssaulting the ageless question of the nature of the universe, cosmologists have advanced a view they call anthropic. The notion bends the line where science and philosophy meet. The riddle of large numbers.Henry SimmonsPDF
1982 (Volume 13, No. 2)Chinese Science: The Roots of Science in Ancient ChinaChinese science once far surpassed that in the West. A 45-year-old-research effort is turning up the reasons the roles reversed. The project.Arthur FisherPDF
1982 (Volume 13, No. 2)High-strength Concrete: A Pillar of StrengthHigh-strength concrete, used to support high-rise buildings, offers engineers an attractive alternative to structural steel.Jane SteinPDF
1982 (Volume 13, No. 2)Plasmids: Plasmids: More Than Genetic DebrisUbiquitous rings of genetic material appear to researchers to have a vital role in bacterial virulence and a selfish penchant to replicate. Plasmids in vertebrates.William CheckPDF
1982 (Volume 13, No. 2)Unisexual Vertebrates: Where Males Don't CountUnisexual vertebrates species that reproduce through clonal rather than sexual mechanisms, offer biologists a number of intriguing questions, not the least of which is evolutionary payoff.Ben PatruskyPDF


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