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All Articles for Magazine issue 1985 (Volume 16, No. 3)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1985 (Volume 16, No. 3)Architectures -- Scientific Computing Special: The Pursuit of ParallelismAs the power of computer components approaches limits, the ways in which they can be arranged take on increased importance. Architectures and hardware. Topologies. Pipelining.Margaret SilbarPDF
1985 (Volume 16, No. 3)Computer Centers -- Scientific Computing Special I: Access to SupercomputersThe massive effort to provide investigators with otherwise inaccessible supercomputer time is both a great leap forward and a first small step. The centers.Randi LonderPDF
1985 (Volume 16, No. 3)Languages, Algorithms -- Scientific Computing Special I: New Languages for OldThe emerging shapes of scientific computers will stress existing languages and algorithms, perhaps beyond endurance. Algorithms.Arthur FisherPDF
1985 (Volume 16, No. 3)Scientific Computing -- Scientific Computing Special I: A Third Kind of ScienceComputational science and the more traditional disciplines are pursuing each other toward more powerful and more versatile tools of everybody's trade.Norman MetzgerPDF


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