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All Articles for Magazine issue 1980 (Volume 11, No. 2)
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1980 (Volume 11, No. 2)Astronomy/aeronomy -- National Research Facilities Special: The Great Astronomical EarThe world's largest radio/radar antenna is one of an array of astronomical facilities to which astronomers and atmospheric scientists flock. National centers. Arecibo achievements.Blanchard HiattPDF
1980 (Volume 11, No. 2)Atmospheric Research -- National Research Facilities Special: The Center for Atmospheric ResearchWhere the stark grandeur of its setting stops--at the skyline--the research purview of the National Center for Atmospheric Research begins. Laboratory on a mesa. The plant. Science sampler.Henry LansfordPDF
1980 (Volume 11, No. 2)Instrumentation -- National Research Facilities Special: Regional Instrumentation CentersNew centers across the country make available research instrumentation many disciplines need but no one institution could afford.William CromiePDF
1980 (Volume 11, No. 2)Magnetism -- National Research Facilities Special: The Magnetism of a Shared FacilityAt the Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, scientists can do research that is possible nowhere else in the world. A cross section of work.Arthur FisherPDF
1980 (Volume 11, No. 2)Oceanography -- National Research Facilities Special: Ferment in the FleetShifting priorities and budgetary constraints are changing the shape of a `facility` all oceanography shares: the academic oceanographic fleet.John LudwigsonPDF
1980 (Volume 11, No. 2)Theoretical Physics -- National Research Facilities Special: A Place to Talk and ThinkThe new Institute for Theoretical Physics answers a need of the research community in a way that fits the times.Edward EdelsonPDF


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