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All Articles for Magazine issue 1976 (Volume 7, No. 5)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1976 (Volume 7, No. 5)Automation -- Productivity Research Special: Automating the Assembly LineIndustrial robots and their language links to people are parallel research routes to flexible automation.Author UnknownPDF
1976 (Volume 7, No. 5)Chemistry -- Productivity Research Special: New Trails to Chemical ProductivityResearch in enzymatic and synthetic catalysis enhances the usefulness of each, and narrows the gap between them.Author UnknownPDF
1976 (Volume 7, No. 5)Economics -- Productivity Research Special: Technology, Productivity, and Economic GrowthEconomists are beginning to unravel the interconnections.Author UnknownPDF
1976 (Volume 7, No. 5)Excavation -- Productivity Research Special: Into the EarthAs sub-surface construction becomes more important, research seeks to reduce the uncertainties--and overruns--at the end of the tunnel.Jane SteinPDF
1976 (Volume 7, No. 5)Food -- Productivity Research Special: Engineering for Food ProductionThe mechanical properties of food materials are important to the design of harvesting and handling equipment.Author UnknownPDF
1976 (Volume 7, No. 5)Manufacturing -- Productivity Research Special: A Science Base for ManufacturingBatch manufacturing poses special problems when automatic tools are assembled into automatic systems.Author UnknownPDF


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