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All Articles for Magazine issue 1977 (Volume 8, No. 3)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1977 (Volume 8, No. 3)Acoustic Wave Devices: Slower Can Be BetterAcoustic wave devices that slow signals down from the speed of light of speed of sound make possible enormous compression of information-handling capabilities.Author UnknownPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 3)Archaeology In Southeast Asia: Archaeology Shifting EastDramatic new discoveries in Southeast Asia are altering notions about the cradles of human civilization.Warren KornbergPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 3)Genesis Of A Gene: Genesis of a GeneThe first synthesis of a fully functional DNA macromolecule was one link in a research chain as long and many-featured as DNA itself. Other links are still being added.Author UnknownPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 3)Laser Chemistry: Chemistry's Laser RevolutionThe power of coherent light is translating rapidly into new power for many of chemistry's sub disciplines.Author UnknownPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 3)Metalogenesis: Minerals from Mantle to MineThe formation of metal and petroleum deposits in the Earth appears strongly linked to tectonic processes. Can geophysics tell us where to search?Author UnknownPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 3)Wastewater And Wetlands: Putting Wetlands to WorkCypress domes and peat lands offer ecologically sound, energy-conserving wastewater disposal.Daniel RapoportPDF


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