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All Articles for Magazine issue 1975 (Volume 6, No. 4)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1975 (Volume 6, No. 4)Balloon Astronomy: Astronomy from Balloons25 miles above the Earth, X-ray and gamma-ray telescopes have been closing in on the sources of some of the tremendous energy emissions in space.Author UnknownPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 4)Genetic Repressors: Turning Genes On and OffEach of an organism's cells starts off with identical genetic information. How do individual cells get instructions to perform their specific functions?Irene KieferPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 4)Mesoscale Weather: Chinooks, Thunderstorms, and Tornado CyclonesArmed with new knowledge and instrumentation, meteorologists are expanding research into medium-scale phenomena.William CorlissPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 4)Oceanographic Ships: The Academic Fleet29 ships from 14 institutions constitute a national resource for oceanographic research.Author UnknownPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 4)Solar Energy: Planning a Municipal Energy FutureWhen natural gas shortages developed for Colorado Springs, the community saw its problems as an opportunity to put results of solar energy research to some practical tests.Bruce AbellPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 4)Videotaped Trials: Trials on TapeHow good a substitute for live action? I. Tape's Use in Court/II. Tape's Use in Jury Research.Bruce AbellPDF


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