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All Articles for Magazine issue 1978 (Volume 9, No. 1)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1978 (Volume 9, No. 1)Before Australopithecus: Shifting Perspectives on Early ManDental adaptation to diet shifts caused by climate change links Ramapithecus to Homo Sapien, over a span of a dozen million years.Author UnknownPDF
1978 (Volume 9, No. 1)Brookings Papers: Economics to Make PolicyBrookings economists cut years from the loop that links scholars to the government and industry leaders who need their output.Author UnknownPDF
1978 (Volume 9, No. 1)Degradable Plastics: Seeking Plastics That DegradeSome natural and some synthetic polymers have molecular things in common. Building on those is one way toward an eventual arsenal of plastics that will biodegrade or photodegrade.Kendrick FrazierPDF
1978 (Volume 9, No. 1)Future Studies: As Many Futures as You ThinkOnce a field for soothsayers and dreamers, then the realm of anyone who could, the study of the future is becoming a scientific discipline.Author UnknownPDF
1978 (Volume 9, No. 1)Solar Astronomy: The Sun, the Whole SunSolar astronomers and astrophysicists find there is more to link than separate them in their study of global solar phenomena.Author UnknownPDF
1978 (Volume 9, No. 1)Submicrometer Structures: When 10-6 Is Too BigFabricating structures below a micron (micrometer) in size requires new techniques, new wave lengths, new facilities.Patrick YoungPDF


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