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All Articles for Magazine issue 1981 (Volume 12, No. 5)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1981 (Volume 12, No. 5)Beyond Pluto: A Planet Beyond PlutoPluto turns out not to be responsible for peculiarities in the orbits of other outer planets. Is a tenth planet of the sun still to be found? Uranus and Neptune. Pluto. Hunting by blinking.Kendrick FrazierPDF
1981 (Volume 12, No. 5)Evolution: The Evolution of EvolutionAfter 120 years of microevolution, is evolutionary theory poised for a quantum leap? Or does evolutionary theory allow quantum leaps?Boyce RensbergerPDF
1981 (Volume 12, No. 5)Finite Simple Groups: A Friendly GiantMathematicians are celebrating the completion of their quarter-century effort to classify finite simple groups--and prove that they'd done it.Henry SimmonsPDF
1981 (Volume 12, No. 5)Hydraulic Piston Corer: Coring Near the MudlineThe hydraulic piston corer--a homely invention--makes possible retrieval of soft sediment cores that rotary bits reduce to mush.Mort LaBrecquePDF
1981 (Volume 12, No. 5)Photochemistry: Splitting Water with LightGaseous hydrogen, the way nature produces it, isn't all that photochemists are after. Water-splitting driven by sunlight offers a range of other attractions too.William CromiePDF


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