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All Articles for Magazine issue 1984 (Volume 15, No. 4)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1984 (Volume 15, No. 4)Biotechnology -- Engineering Research Special: The Engineering ChallengesBiotechnology is Posing Work with genetically altered organisms is causing fermentation engineers to reexamine their process designs and practices. Subtle alterations. Mining gold.William CheckPDF
1984 (Volume 15, No. 4)Ceramics -- Engineering Research Special: Hard Questions, Tough CeramicsEngineers are demanding properties of ceramics that ceramists are not accustomed to providing. An adiabatic diesel engine. Crystal structure.Henry SimmonsPDF
1984 (Volume 15, No. 4)Fluidized Beds -- Engineering Research Special: To Make Solids Behave as LiquidsWhat goes on in fluidized beds on microscopic scales affects the way they behave macroscopically. Some history.Norman MetzgerPDF
1984 (Volume 15, No. 4)Gears -- Engineering Research Special: Toothed Wheels: an Ancient Craft, a Modern TechnologyComputer models, materials research, and unconventional designs are adding science to the art of gear-making. Ever to the South.William CromiePDF
1984 (Volume 15, No. 4)Organic Synthesis -- Engineering Research Special: Synthesizing Organics ElectricallyElectro organic synthesis promises to be economical for classes of chemicals that are not easy to define. Organizing the record.Mort LaBrecquePDF
1984 (Volume 15, No. 4)Turbulence -- Engineering Research Special: Disorder in FluidsEngineers trying to cope with turbulent flow are plagued by lack of fundamental knowledge.Arthur FisherPDF


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