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All Articles for Magazine issue 1991 (Volume 22, No. 2)
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1991 (Volume 22, No. 2)Calculus Education: Toward a Pump, Not a FilterEfforts by mathematicians and educators to reform the way calculus is taught to undergraduates take into account changes both in the demographics and the technologies of mathematics education. Lean and lively textbooks. Calculus problems then and now.Billy GoodmanPDF
1991 (Volume 22, No. 2)Metallic Hydrogen: Another Milestone in the Solid StatePhysicists and chemists of various persuasions are tantalizingly close to the metallization of hydrogen--at pressures of millions of atmospheres and supercold temperatures. Some remarkable applications are waiting in the wings.Frederic GoldenPDF
1991 (Volume 22, No. 2)Particle Physics: B Physics and B FactoriesThe explanation for the breakdown of symmetry and parity in what ought to be a balanced universe may be found at the intersection of high-energy beams that are themselves asymmetrical--or elsewhere in the arcane physics of fundamental particles.Lee EdsonPDF
1991 (Volume 22, No. 2)Plant Genetics: Drosophila Botanica (The Fruit Fly of Plant Biology)In a few short years researchers in massive numbers have turned their attention to a common weed Arabidopsis thalinia, the unraveling of whose genome promises a revolution in the plant sciences. The arabidopsis genome research project. Applying the results. Ben PatruskyPDF
1991 (Volume 22, No. 2)Solar Neutrinos: More Answers Than QuestionsPhysicists are reasoning at and beyond the limits of accepted models and theories in efforts to explain chirality, anticorrespondence with the sunspot cycle, and other apparent bizarre characteristics of spectral particles now known to emanate from the sun. Interactions and detectors.Susan WintschPDF


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