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All Articles for Magazine issue 1981 (Volume 12, No. 4)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1981 (Volume 12, No. 4)Cell Interaction -- Cell Biology Special: The Social CellCells interact with each other in a multitude of ways. How much of what moves them is inherited, how much is encountered? Reach out and touch... The very early embryo.Ben PatruskyPDF
1981 (Volume 12, No. 4)Fertilization -- Cell Biology Special: The Way of a Sperm with an EggSperm and egg lead each other a merry dance of many steps as fertilization takes place. From fertility symbol to fertilization. Incest prevented at pistil point. The mystery of cell movementDavid LeffPDF
1981 (Volume 12, No. 4)Microtubules -- Cell Biology Special: Scaffold on the CellScientists are rediscovering an intracellular matrix that can be among the most significant of biological systems. Virus at work. Seeing cells whole.Edward EdelsonPDF
1981 (Volume 12, No. 4)Mitochondria -- Cell Biology Special: Genes in the CytoplasmMitochondria and chloroplasts, with genes of their own, raise fascinating questions about cellular origins.David ZimmermanPDF
1981 (Volume 12, No. 4)Slime Mold -- Cell Biology Special: Slime Mold: Singular and PluralA creature difficult to classify is a model for the way cells behave with regard to each other.Wallace WaterfallPDF


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