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All Articles for Magazine issue 1990 (Volume 21, No. 3)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1990 (Volume 21, No. 3)Cetacean Intelligence: You'd Think You Were ThinkingThe intriguing questions surrounding the intelligence of bottlenose dolphins challenges the ingenuity of the researchers as well as of the researches. Echolocation, cognition, application. The ethical questions.Susan WintschPDF
1990 (Volume 21, No. 3)Heat-shock Proteins: A Biological ImperativeA ubiquitous family of molecules that protect cells against stress spans the biological range from bacteria to mammals. Their multiple roles and biochemical nature are yielding to research.Ben PatruskyPDF
1990 (Volume 21, No. 3)Observational Cosmology: MAPMAKING ON THE COSMIC SCALEPortrayals of the universe on the largest scale contribute to emerging understanding of the physical structure of the observable universe. Isotropy prevails, more or less. Interpreting the view. The size of a kilometer a secondAnn FinkbeinerPDF
1990 (Volume 21, No. 3)Quantum Cosmology: Bridging the Very Large and Very SmallIn their efforts to unravel the universe's mystery, physicists are drawing on quantum mechanics and are finding as many imponderables as there are avenues of promise and hope. Quantum gravity.T.A. HeppenheimerPDF


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