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All Articles for Magazine issue 1986 (Volume 17, No. 2)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1986 (Volume 17, No. 2)Chaos: Routes to ChaosStudies of the transitions from predictable to unpredictable states weave together the concerns of a growing cadre of scientists and engineers.T.A. HeppenheimerPDF
1986 (Volume 17, No. 2)Neuroimmune: Where Mind and Body MeetThe immune system appears to be very much involved with--if not under the control of--the central nervous system. A new interdiscipline is born.Robert KanigelPDF
1986 (Volume 17, No. 2)Plants: Toward a Biotechnological RevolutionThe engineering of plant genetics is progressing smartly against the handicap of too many genes and too few manipulable vectors. Using bugs. Cell Culture.Anne MoffatPDF
1986 (Volume 17, No. 2)Synchrotron: Synchrotron Radiation IIITen years after Mosaic first discussed it, synchrotron radiation continues to produce revolutions in science and engineering.William CromiePDF
1986 (Volume 17, No. 2)Telescopes: Astronomy from the Ground UpInnovative mirror-making technology and peculiarities of the electromagnetic spectrum assure a place in astronomy's future for both novel and venerable ground-based optical telescopes.Sandra BlakesleePDF


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