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All Articles for Magazine issue 1978 (Volume 9, No. 4)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1978 (Volume 9, No. 4)Chemical Oscillations: The Strange World of Chemical OscillationsOn many fronts where nature brings order out of chaos, chemistry's rare, exotic, oscillating reactions may, in fact, be the order of the day. Recipe for Oscillation.David LeffPDF
1978 (Volume 9, No. 4)Computer Security: Computer SecurityNothing can be made perfectly secure. But codes and ciphers can be made so costly to break that nothing they could hide would be worth the expense.George AlexanderPDF
1978 (Volume 9, No. 4)Crop Ecosystems: Crops are Ecosystems TooUnderstanding of the dynamics of field and orchard crops permits Integrated Pest Management to cut sharply into a farmer's dependence on pesticides.Author UnknownPDF
1978 (Volume 9, No. 4)Incubating Entrepreneurs: Incubators for EntrepreneursExperimental innovator/entrepreneur hatcheries at universities put venture and vision together to nurture embryo enterprises.Author UnknownPDF
1978 (Volume 9, No. 4)Prosthesis Control: Control of Artificial LimbsAvailable prostheses are far more primitive than television's `bionic` spectaculars. But sophisticated engineering research is making many small inroads.Patrick YoungPDF


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