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All Articles for Magazine issue 1980 (Volume 11, No. 3)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1980 (Volume 11, No. 3)Chinese Kinship: The Resilient Chinese FamilyDespite considerable pressure, Chinese kinship structures survive both on Taiwan and in the People's Republic of China.Jane SteinPDF
1980 (Volume 11, No. 3)Fluid Biomechanics: Engineering Mirrors Life (and vice versa)The burgeoning discipline of biofluidmechanics is teaching `wet` and `dry` sciences a good deal about each other--to the advantage of each. A number named `Reynolds`.David LeffPDF
1980 (Volume 11, No. 3)Hotspots: The Earth's Fountains of FireThe north-south age sequence of the Hawaiian Islands is among mid-plate phenomena hotspots best explain.Patrick YoungPDF
1980 (Volume 11, No. 3)Molecular Evolution: The Significance of Flightless BirdsFlightless birds--ratites--have become a testing ground for ways to establish evolutionary relationships.Edward EdelsonPDF
1980 (Volume 11, No. 3)Plant Culture: The Cloning of Russet BurbankA variety of advanced biochemical techniques is making it possible to produce plants having a range of desired characteristics.Peter GwynnePDF
1980 (Volume 11, No. 3)Women And Math: A Math Answer for WomenHigh school mathematics won't open career doors. But its lack will certainly close them. Girls are making the switch -- and women are helping. New women-in-math studiesSam IkerPDF


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