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All Articles for Magazine issue 1974 (Volume 5, No. 3)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1974 (Volume 5, No. 3)Cities And Microclimate: Do Cities Change the Weather?A study in St. Louis shows that large urban areas can have significant local and downwind effects.Author UnknownPDF
1974 (Volume 5, No. 3)Going To Court: Going to CourtThree research projects combining law and social science look at processes that influence legal decisions.Bruce AbellPDF
1974 (Volume 5, No. 3)Interactive Televison: Talking Back to the TVEngineers with access to USC's or Stanford's interactive instructional networks can take part in live university courses right at work.Bruce AbellPDF
1974 (Volume 5, No. 3)Intercontinental Astronomy: Telescopes As Big As the EarthMaking simultaneous observations with radio antennas continents apart, astronomers get their most detailed look yet at cosmological mysteries.Bruce AbellPDF
1974 (Volume 5, No. 3)Living In New Towns: New Towns: How Are They Doing?An opinion survey of 7,000 people in 36 communities turns up some surprising answers.Bruce AbellPDF


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