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All Articles for Magazine issue 1975 (Volume 6, No. 3)
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1975 (Volume 6, No. 3)Climate And Weather -- Food Special: Climate: How Large an Unknown in the Food Equation?Drought in the Sahel. Monsoon rains lost at sea. Crop losses. Floods. A one-time disaster, or a sign of the times? Scientists reaching for a handle to long-term climate trends and shorter term weather patterns are wrestling with questions farmers and food planners need to have answered. Author UnknownPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 3)Energy Vs. Food -- Food Special: Energy vs. Productivity: Diminishing ReturnsWhen energy inputs to agriculture exceed incremental outputs, does it pay to grow food? It may, if you can afford to--or if you can't afford not to.Irene KieferPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 3)Food: The World System -- Food Special: Food and Feedback: Coming to Grips with the Global SystemThe world's food system is being assembled into models. They should help planners evaluate the impact of food-related policies.Author UnknownPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 3)Food: The Land -- Food Special: All That Unplowed LandThe deserts, the grasslands, the tropical forests and savannas. How vast an untapped agricultural potential do they really represent? This past decade's ecological studies tell us what we may--and may not--be able to expect.Author UnknownPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 3)Food: The Human Factor -- Food Special: Macro-Choices, Micro-ChoosersThe ways in which the world produces, distributes, and consumes its food are as varied as the small societies with which the world's growing billions most closely identify. Making food choices for the world means first understanding the myriad ways in which the world's micro cultures make choices for themselves. Author UnknownPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 3)Marine Resources -- Food Special: All That Unplowed SeaIt has been millennia since Man the terrestrial hunter/gather of food became Man the farmer. Hunting and gathering at see may fast be approaching their productive limits. Farming at sea--aquaculture--may be the only way to go.Author UnknownPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 3)Nutrient Extracts -- Food Special: Eating the InedibleThe waste mateials of civilization and the vast photosynthesis factories in the sea are an untapped source of nutrients as well as of energy. So are some things we usually feed to livestock.Frank SartwellPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 3)Research -- Food Special: Building the Research Base of New Green RevolutionsBasic biology laboratories are attracting more and more scientists interested in plant rather than animal biology. And out of those laboratories is coming the fundamental understanding of plant processes that long-range answers to world food problems will inevitably incorporate. Author UnknownPDF


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