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All Articles for Magazine issue 1979 (Volume 10, No. 6)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1979 (Volume 10, No. 6)Climate Modeling -- Unifying Themes Special II: Modeling the Climate SystemThere are many candidates for a theory of climate on single scales. A theory that unifies them, explaining climate, is still in the wings.Henry LansfordPDF
1979 (Volume 10, No. 6)Coevolution -- Unifying Themes Special Ii: Feedback Produces a Theory of EcologyThe intricate involvement of living things with each other's evolution produces coevolution and some notions Darwin had an inkling of. Evolution: a glossary.David LeffPDF
1979 (Volume 10, No. 6)Cognitive Social Psychology -- Unifying Themes Special Ii: The World as You Think it IsThe influence of cognition on human behavior knits up the sleeve of social psychology.Mort LaBrecquePDF
1979 (Volume 10, No. 6)Metal-cluster Chemistry -- Unifying Themes Special II: Metals That Form ClustersFrom the chemistry of surfaces and catalysts to the chemistry of living systems, metals that bond to metals are a magnet for theory and experiment.Blanchard HiattPDF
1979 (Volume 10, No. 6)Weather Prediction -- Unifying Themes Special Ii: The Limits to Weather's PredictabilityMeteorologists have learned to live with the fact that weather is far less than infinitely predictable.Edward EdelsonPDF


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