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All Articles for Magazine issue 1976 (Volume 7, No. 1)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1976 (Volume 7, No. 1)Cliometrics: Putting History to a Quantitative TestCliometricians applying modern analytical techniques to questions in economic growth are turning up some surprising and controversial results.Author UnknownPDF
1976 (Volume 7, No. 1)Computerized Conferencing: Computerized Conferencing--A New MediumGetting together while staying apart.Author UnknownPDF
1976 (Volume 7, No. 1)Ecological Reserves: Preserving Sites for Long-Term Environmental ResearchThe Experimental Ecological Reserves Project.Author UnknownPDF
1976 (Volume 7, No. 1)General Revenue Sharing: Assessing General Revenue SharingWith Congressional action on renewal of this legislation expected in 1976, a group of research projects looks at some preliminary impacts of GRS.Author UnknownPDF
1976 (Volume 7, No. 1)Lens Manufacturing: A New Process for Producing High Quality LensesA univerity-industry collaboration hopes to give a boost to the U.S. optical industry.Author UnknownPDF
1976 (Volume 7, No. 1)Technology Assessment: Looking Ahead: The Consequences of a Society With Less Cash/Less Checks.Technology assessments, like this one of electronic funds transfer, alert decision makers to the possible future impacts of today's policy alternatives.Author UnknownPDF


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