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All Articles for Magazine issue 1986 (Volume 17, No. 1)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1986 (Volume 17, No. 1)Cognition -- Scientific Computing Special: Cognition and ComputationThe massively parallel architectures being devised for scientific computing promise cognitive scientists for the first time a set of tools worthy of the problems demanding attention.Arthur FisherPDF
1986 (Volume 17, No. 1)Economics -- Scientific Computing Special Iii: The Problem of MacrovariablesMany economists, like their colleagues in the ocean, earth, and atmospheric sciences, deal with systems so massively fluid as to defy--so far--efforts to model them precisely.Edward EdelsonPDF
1986 (Volume 17, No. 1)Imaging -- Scientific Computing Special Iii: A Picture Is Worth...Sometimes images are the only way a problem or a solution can be represented. Getting images into and out of computing systems is a constantly advancing frontier.William CheckPDF
1986 (Volume 17, No. 1)Manybody -- Scientific Computing Special III: Many-body ProblemsOnce the number of bodies interacting with each other grows beyond two, the problems of computing their effects on each other begins to grow out of control.Mort LaBrecquePDF
1986 (Volume 17, No. 1)Neurobiology -- Scientific Computing Special Iii: Taunting the ComputerThe chimerical similarities between neurobiology and computing continue to dissolve on approach. But the fields do support each other in many ways. Computer vision.Norman MetzgerPDF


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