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All Articles for Magazine issue 1992 (Volume 23, No. 2)
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1992 (Volume 23, No. 2)Cognition/learning: The Science of Learning Math and ScienceA focus on the nature of the learning process could point the way to the long-heralded and much-touted distinction between the three Rs and the true teaching/learning needs of a modern technological society. The national will to make teaching happen, however, will remain a prime requisite.Arthur FisherPDF
1992 (Volume 23, No. 2)Fractals In Chemistry: To Model the Otherwise UnmodelablePhysical chemists are joining their colleagues in condensed-matter (and other) physics in their far-ranging application of the wonder that Mandelbrot wrought. Fundamentally fractal.Mort LaBrecquePDF
1992 (Volume 23, No. 2)Pcr: A Tool for All SeasonsBiologists can hardly turn around today without bumping into another use for the polymerase chain reaction. As much progress is being made in honing the tool as in the science to which it is being applied. Some PCR techniques. Recombination and genetic mapping.David HolzmanPDF
1992 (Volume 23, No. 2)Stormscale Weather (II): Meteorology's Most Elusive TargetIn Mosaic Volume 13 Number 6 of 1982, we wrote: "Mesoscale, or stormscale, weather systems are the ones that do the most damage. Predicting them has been beyond reach." A decade later, extraordinary and ingenious effort and the best that technology can offer have increased the sophistication of the science, but practical prediction remains over the horizon. Lee EdsonPDF
1992 (Volume 23, No. 2)Zebrafish: A Virus With a BackboneZebrafish join the club of animal models for human embryo development. Fishing for alleged perpetrators of inborn diseaseDavid LeffPDF


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