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All Articles for Magazine issue 1990 (Volume 21, No. 2)
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1990 (Volume 21, No. 2)Cold Fusion: Much Ado About. . . .After most of the dust from last year's desk-top-fusion furor has settled, the questions that still hang have less to do with experiments or results than they do with the processes of science.Arthur FisherPDF
1990 (Volume 21, No. 2)Gap Junctions: Conduits for Cell/Cell CommunicationProteinaceous rings, embedded in cell membranes and linking adjacent cells, appear to be critical to nerve function and to have important roles in metabolism, differentiation, and development. Many difficult questions remain to be answered about their nature, form, and function. Edward EdelsonPDF
1990 (Volume 21, No. 2)Global Change: Clouds and Climate: A Critical Unknown In Global Change EquationsOf all the pieces in the global-change puzzle, the role of clouds may be the most elusive. Until it can be defined and incorporated into climate models, the models will remain imprecise indicators of things to come. Aerosols and cloud feedback.Mort LaBrecquePDF
1990 (Volume 21, No. 2)Gravitational Astronomy: Opening Another WindowI--The Science: Efforts by scientists on four continents should enable gravitational astronomers to peer beyond their present horizons, back virtually to the big bang itself. II-The Technology: Tomorrow's mainstream gravitational telescopes promise to be optical interferometers. Bar antennas vie for a piece of the action.Frederic GoldenPDF
1990 (Volume 21, No. 2)Supernova 1987a: The Deciphering of a CataclysmOut of the remnants of the most dramatic stellar event of modern times, astronomers and astrophysicists are constructing a new view of the way stars live and die. The pulsar question. Light echoes.Charles PetitPDF


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