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All Articles for Magazine issue 1975 (Volume 6, No. 5)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1975 (Volume 6, No. 5)Conflict Resolution -- The Social Sciences Special: There Doesn't Have to be a LoserConflicts can be resolved without confrontations. It's as true for nations as it is for individuals.Author UnknownPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 5)Economic Forecasting -- The Social Sciences Special: The New DelphiansEconomists are not soothsayers. But, nevertheless, they continue to respond to the need for more reliable economic forecasts.Author UnknownPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 5)Mesoamerican Archaeology -- The Social Sciences Special: A Pre-Columbian MetropolisAn urban society, the beginning, middle, and end of which are being revealed and studied, can offer important insights to the forces that make and unmake human societies.Warren KornbergPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 5)Political Participation -- The Social Sciences Special: Some are More EqualDoes America's traditionally classless society ensure a politics devoid of class bias? `Not necessarily so,` says a multinational study of political participation.Author UnknownPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 5)Social Indicators -- The Social Sciences Special: Quantifying the UnquantifiableEfforts to develop a body of social indicators aim at a way to gauge the quality of life.Irene KieferPDF
1975 (Volume 6, No. 5)Welfare States -- The Social Sciences Special: Welfare States: What Made Them What They are Today?Many factors are more significant than political ideology in the design of a contemporary welfare state.Author UnknownPDF


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