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All Articles for Magazine issue 1978 (Volume 9, No. 3)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1978 (Volume 9, No. 3)Cosmology: One Universe, IndivisibleIn accord on the birth of the universe cosmologists are inching toward a consensus on its ultimate fate.Patrick YoungPDF
1978 (Volume 9, No. 3)Extragalactic Astronomy: The Extragalactic FermentVery few years ago, extragalactic astronomers sought to summarize their science. Now they are rewriting the book. Galaxies: a primer. Exotic galaxies. Black hole in a galaxyAuthor UnknownPDF
1978 (Volume 9, No. 3)History: The Seminal ScienceAs old as humankind's love affair with the night sky astronomy has been bearing fruit for more than 4,000 years.Author UnknownPDF
1978 (Volume 9, No. 3)Stellar Birth: Stellar Ontongeny: from DustIn the icy near-vacuum of interstellar space are seething cauldrons of stellar genesis. The breeding grounds are becoming known.Author UnknownPDF
1978 (Volume 9, No. 3)Stellar Death: Stellar AshesStellar cadavers are among the universe's most fascinating objects. Each is the end of a unique stellar odyssey.Author UnknownPDF
1978 (Volume 9, No. 3)Tools Of The Trade: Catchers of the SkyAn explosion in useful wavelengths and a revolution in telescope design and fittings multiply astronomers' grasp of the cosmos.Author UnknownPDF


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