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All Articles for Magazine issue 1977 (Volume 8, No. 1)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1977 (Volume 8, No. 1)Desert Abuse -- Aridity Special: The American ExperienceIn the 1870's, fragile, water-poor ecosystems were little understood and much abused. A century later, understanding has improved but abuses continue.Author UnknownPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 1)Desert Climate -- Aridity Special: Climate, Weather, AridityThe last climate cycle has been no friend to the world's arid regions. Can we tell anything about how they will fare through the next?Edward EdelsonPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 1)Desert Ecology -- Aridity Special: The Biology of AriditySimilar environments demand similar responses from the living things that inhabit them.Author UnknownPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 1)Desert Maps -- Aridity Special: The Major Deserts of the WorldThe Major Deserts of the WorldAuthor UnknownPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 1)Desert Overview -- Aridity Special: Land of the Empty BucketA Primer: If you have seen one desert you have decidedly not seen them all. Nor will you necessarily know one when you see it.Author UnknownPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 1)Desert Sociology -- Aridity Special: Life at the Desert's EdgeConcern for the land and concern for the people may not produce parallel perspectives.Author UnknownPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 1)Desert Technologies -- Aridity Special: Modest TechnologiesIn the face of natural and man-induced desertification, technologists produce cautious interventions.Author UnknownPDF


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