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All Articles for Magazine issue 1992 (Volume 23, No. 1)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1992 (Volume 23, No. 1)Directed Mutations: Heredity Made To OrderThat bacteria may be able to mutate in response to environmental cues could add a wrinkle to evolutionary theory but is likely to do it no serious damage.Billy GoodmanPDF
1992 (Volume 23, No. 1)High-performance Computing: How to Stop Fearing and Start Loving the Parallel ComputerIn which is examined the array of barriers (mostly having to do with programming) to be breached in order to exploit the power latent in the multicomputer.Tom AlexanderPDF
1992 (Volume 23, No. 1)Infrared Astronomy: IR Arrays in Space and on the GroundMultiple, interconnected receptors take their place in yet another of astronomy's windows to the cosmos. These arrays are measured in microns, not the meters of optical or the kilometers of radio interferometry. What the arrays are disclosingMort LaBrecquePDF
1992 (Volume 23, No. 1)Quantum Gravity: The Grandest UnificationInterleaving the principles of general relativity with those of quantum mechanics requires the invention of new physics. What might work for matter and energy dissolves when space must be incorporated. And it must be. Cosmology at 10-33 cm. Seeing the elephant.T.A. HeppenheimerPDF


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