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All Articles for Magazine issue 1991 (Volume 22, No. 4)
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1991 (Volume 22, No. 4)Educational Standards: Mathematicians Set the PaceIn thinking about national standards in science and mathematics education, mathematics educators appear to be "light years" ahead of their colleagues in the sciences. Perhaps the fact that mathematics is singular while the sciences are plural plays a role. A national report card. Arthur FisherPDF
1991 (Volume 22, No. 4)Microbial Phylogeny: Redefining the Tree of LifeMore than nuclei separate life forms from each other at the cellular level. Defining phylogenetic relationships and finding branching points turns contentious in the shadow of recent developments. Rooting the tree. Out on a practical limb. Deriving the archaebacterial tree.Lucille DayPDF
1991 (Volume 22, No. 4)Molecular Dynamics: Chemistry In the Fast LaneTheoretical and computational chemists are learning to simulate the processes at work on the infinitesimal scales at which biological molecules interact with each other. The usefulness of molecular dynamics.Anne MoffatPDF
1991 (Volume 22, No. 4)Optical Astronomy: In Space or On the GroundBy the time astronomers got a big telescope into orbit, the had figured out ways to make it less necessary. That the future appears to be up in the air may be at least as figurative as it is literal. Galileo's spyglass. Access: a nagging problem. Telescopes and eyes. The instruments: whose and where.Ann FinkbeinerPDF
1991 (Volume 22, No. 4)Symbol Manipulation: Computer Algebra: Speed Is Not AllNew methods of computerized symbol manipulation are producing `new and deep mathematical insights that lead to new algorithms of great power.` The reach of mathematics is extended. Limits to excellence. From seed to fruit.T.A. HeppenheimerPDF


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