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All Articles for Magazine issue 1983 (Volume 14, No. 6)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1983 (Volume 14, No. 6)Educational Tv: Science, Children, and TelevisionThe research that helped shape the successful series `3-2-1 Contact` suggests ways to make science familiar.Sam IkerPDF
1983 (Volume 14, No. 6)Molecular Evolution: Phylogeny Without FossilsMolecular phylogenetics still raises hackles, but it is taking its place among the sciences bearing on evolution.Edward EdelsonPDF
1983 (Volume 14, No. 6)Mutagenesis: Mutations to OrderMolecular biology can not only target sites of desired mutations, but can target and produce desired mutations as well. Protein structure and function.Ben PatruskyPDF
1983 (Volume 14, No. 6)Nmr Imaging: NMR: Adding a DimensionNuclear magnetic resonance adds chemistry to diagnostic imaging. Companies Involved in NMR Imaging Technology.Robert TrotterPDF
1983 (Volume 14, No. 6)Solar/stellar: The Solar/Stellar ConnectionA synthesis of solar and stellar astronomy confirms the kinship of the sun and other stars. Something old, something new.Charles PetitPDF


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