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All Articles for Magazine issue 1983 (Volume 14, No. 5)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1983 (Volume 14, No. 5)Electroweak Theory -- Measurement Special: Validating a Unified TheoryAtomic and high energy physicists each make unique contributions to the proof of the electroweak force.William MetzPDF
1983 (Volume 14, No. 5)Left-handed Dna -- Measurement Special: Sinistral DNAThe increasing ability to resolve biological molecules makes sense of left-handed DNA.Arthur FisherPDF
1983 (Volume 14, No. 5)Nmr -- Measurement Special: The Coming of Age of NMRNuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy is adding a dimension to understanding of the ties of molecular structure to molecular behavior. Key to high-strength fields. NMR facilities.Kenneth ReesePDF
1983 (Volume 14, No. 5)Nondestructive Testing -- Measurement Special: Finding the Fatal FlawEmpirical and theoretical research into nondestructive evaluation permit quantification as well as identification of flaws in materials.Kendrick FrazierPDF
1983 (Volume 14, No. 5)Telescope Surfaces -- Measurement Special: Telescopes As Right As Can BeRadio astronomers press the limits of technology to achieve and maintain the precision of their instruments.Marcia BartusiakPDF


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