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All Articles for Magazine issue 1987 (Volume 18, No. 2)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1987 (Volume 18, No. 2)Fractal Applications: Fractals in PhysicsThough the theory is reasonably clear, researchers are still largely in the dark about the physical bases of fractals, which are, paradoxically, increasingly important in physics.Mort LaBrecquePDF
1987 (Volume 18, No. 2)Gallium Arsenide: After SiliconThe accelerating blending of optical and electronic technologies is rapidly converting gallium arsenide from a material of the future to one of the present. Silicon's race, nonetheless, is far from run.Lee EdsonPDF
1987 (Volume 18, No. 2)Protein: Protein EngineeringThe focus of modern biological research has shifted from the study and manipulation of genes to the study and manipulation of gene products: proteins.Anne MoffatPDF
1987 (Volume 18, No. 2)Quagma: Quark MatterUsing the largest available particle accelerators, including the Superconducting Supercollider when it is fully developed, physicists hope to produce the kind of quark-gluon matter, or quark matter, that presumably existed at the birth of the universe.William CromiePDF


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