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All Articles for Magazine issue 1990 (Volume 21, No. 4)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1990 (Volume 21, No. 4)Gamma-ray Astronomy: Annihilations at the Galactic CenterGamma rays from the heart of the Milky Way reveal electron/positron annihilations and point to unimaginable turmoil at the galactic core. A galactic Rosetta Stone is revealed.Lee EdsonPDF
1990 (Volume 21, No. 4)Genetic Transcription: Transcription Factors: Governors for the Genetic EngineThe proteins that govern the rate at which genes produce the mRNA that governs cellular protein synthesis are being revealed. Action at a distance is a great key and a great puzzle.Edward EdelsonPDF
1990 (Volume 21, No. 4)Nanostructures: Engineering at the Lower Limits of SizeThe fabrication and study of structures measured in ten-billionths of a meter is challenging all lithographic techniques while it advances not only technology but understanding of the quantum world. Biological implications. Practical devices.Anne MoffatPDF
1990 (Volume 21, No. 4)Supercold: Vanishingly Close to Absolute ZeroThe record low temperature to date is a fraction of a microkelvin. Far more than records are involved, however, where superfluid experiments and applications are concerned. Physics's cold roots.Charles PetitPDF


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