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All Articles for Magazine issue 1982 (Volume 13, No. 3)
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1982 (Volume 13, No. 3)Gene Banks -- Plant Sciences Special: Preserving a Diverse LineageThe preservation of plant species and strains offers insurance against exposure to runaway epidemics and similar dangers being bred into crop plants. A concerted effort is just getting under way.Arthur FisherPDF
1982 (Volume 13, No. 3)Genetic Engineering -- Plant Sciences Special: Engineering the Botanical GeneThe manipulability of the genes of microorganisms has pushed biotechnology to several brinks. Zoologists go where botanists may not yet tread.William CheckPDF
1982 (Volume 13, No. 3)Industrialization -- Plant Sciences Special: Tillers of a growing TechnologyIndustrial interest in the plant sciences is increasing. Finding scientists with fundamental research backgrounds and practical bents is only one entrepreneurial problem.Jeffrey FoxPDF
1982 (Volume 13, No. 3)Photorespiration -- Plant Sciences Special: the ExhaustAfter photosynthesis, plants undergo a chain of chemical events that put energy to work. Some of the processes may leak energy but not everybody agrees on the need for plugs.George AlexanderPDF
1982 (Volume 13, No. 3)Photosynthesis -- Plant Sciences Special: Photosynthesis: From the SparkplugLike student mechanics probing an engine, researchers studying the structure and function of photoconversion want to know how step follows step. One goal is to improve the system's efficiency. Mimicking life's little currents.Ben PatruskyPDF
1982 (Volume 13, No. 3)Stress -- Plant Sciences Special: To Increase SurvivalNatural stresses challenge plant survival. Breeding stress-tolerant strains depends on an understanding of natural strategies. Wild adapters.Blanchard HiattPDF
1982 (Volume 13, No. 3)Tissue Culture -- Plant Sciences Special: Gardening in Test TubesPlant tissue culture and cloning techniques lay the groundwork for the exploitation of genetic engineering. Culturing secondaries. Callus, suspension, protoplasts.Leslie RobertsPDF


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