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All Articles for Magazine issue 1977 (Volume 8, No. 5)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1977 (Volume 8, No. 5)Heavy-ion Physics: Focusing on the NucleusNuclear scientists, accelerating heavy ions to higher and higher energies, cast new light into dark corners of the atom's still-puzzling core.Author UnknownPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 5)Integrated Optics: Forging Handles for PhotonsEngineering researchers wrestle with fundamental problems in the development of integrated circuits and devices for communications and other light-based technologies.Author UnknownPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 5)Precollege Education: Science for Urban Junior HighsProject City Science uses New York as a laboratory for upgrading junior high school science education.Author UnknownPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 5)Tree-ring Research: Tales the Tree Rings TellFrom historians and archaeologists to geochemists and astronomers, the disciplines using or contributing to dendrochronology are both refining and expanding the scope of the science.Kendrick FrazierPDF
1977 (Volume 8, No. 5)Undergraduate Education: A Laboratory on WheelsOutreach took on new meaning when Arkansas' circuit-riding spectroscopy lab took to the road.Author UnknownPDF


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