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All Articles for Magazine issue 1988 (Volume 19, No. 1)
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1988 (Volume 19, No. 1)High-temperature Superconductivity (II Theory): . . . and a Principle to Explain ThemPart II of a Special Report. Of the many candidate theories emerging to explain the behavior of the new superconducting materials, a few may survive. The venerable BCS theory of conventional superconductivity remains a principal point of departure.Edward EdelsonPDF
1988 (Volume 19, No. 1)High-temperature Superconductivity (I Materials): Toward the Highest Achievable Temperatures. . .Part I of a Special Report. At Woodstock plus one, a year into the revolution in superconductivity wrought by the discovery of new kinds of superconducting materials, investigators are seeking to unmask the science behind the phenomena.Edward EdelsonPDF
1988 (Volume 19, No. 1)Human Origins I (evolution): The More Things Change. . .Part I of a Special Report: As biochemical and paleontological tools become more sophisticated, views of human biological ancestry become more refined. New and more finely grained syntheses do not obliterate uncertainty, frustration, or contention.Arthur FisherPDF
1988 (Volume 19, No. 1)Human Origins II (culture): On the Emergence of HumannessPart II of a Special Report: The qualities that make H. sapiens sapiens uniquely human may have emerged far later in the species history than has been thought. The revisionism is in dispute.Arthur FisherPDF
1988 (Volume 19, No. 1)Molecular Parasitology: The Best DefenseA belief in the passive immunmological neutrality of parasites as a source of their accommodation to host defenses is being replaced by an appreciation of the assortment of aggressive strategies by which they cope with active and otherwise effective defenses hosts have evolved for coping with them. Tricks parasites play. Antigenic variation and relapsing fever. David ZimmermanPDF


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