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All Articles for Magazine issue 1987 (Volume 18, No. 4)
Year (Volume & No.)TitleAbstractAuthorDownload
1987 (Volume 18, No. 4)Microbial Ecology: The Reemergence of Microbial EcologyThe marriage of techniques of microbiology to problems of macrobiology is producing fundamental microecological insights as well as what an ecologist calls `results for right now.`William CheckPDF
1987 (Volume 18, No. 4)Positional Embryology: Development in the Embryo: A Matter of PositionMolecular and developmental biologists are finding that the response of a cell to its location within its environment is a significant determinant of what the cell will ultimately become. I: Choosing a model. . . II: . . .and making it workBen PatruskyPDF
1987 (Volume 18, No. 4)Quasicrystals: Opening the Door to Forbidden SymmetriesFivefold quasiperiodic symmetries have rapidly made their way from prohibited crystallographic anomalies to subjects of many-pronged investigation in condensed matter physics; their fundamental characteristics are still not well understood. I: Discovery. II: Follow-up. III: Competing models. IV: Decoration and utilization. Pauling's twinning model. The Penrose tilings. Mort LaBrecquePDF


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