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All Articles for Magazine issue 1989 (Volume 20, No. 2)
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1989 (Volume 20, No. 2)Quantum Chaos: Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, and the Arrow of TimeA resolution of the paradox presented by the appearance of chaos in classical but not in quantum systems suggests that, given enough time for its kinks to work themselves out, chaos may be more apparent than real. Experiments are shrinking the distance between the quantum and classical worlds.T.A. HeppenheimerPDF
1989 (Volume 20, No. 2)Scanning Tunneling Microscopy: Beyond the Cutting EdgeThe latest in the family of technologies for micron and submicron microscopy is rapidly moving beyond the examination of material surfaces to their manipulation. Applications are tumbling out of the labs. Scanning probe microscopesCharles PetitPDF
1989 (Volume 20, No. 2)Transgenic Animals: Genetics In the RoundIn expanding their ability to engineer genetic change in vivo, geneticists leapfrogged simpler multicellular organisms and succeeded first with mice. As other complex organisms come on line, a revolution looms in experimental biology. Transgenic worms and flies.Ben PatruskyPDF
1989 (Volume 20, No. 2)Transition States: In Chemistry, It's Where the Action IsChemical reactions take place at speeds that are difficult to imagine. The ability to see them happening has added immeasurable power to the chemists' arsenal.Peter AndrewsPDF


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